WordPress Suspends ‘Stop NATO’ news site

From Antiwar.com writer and ally Rick Rozoff:

WordPress suspended the Stop NATO site from posting any new material earlier today, with this announcement:

“Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.”

Repeated efforts to contact them have produced no result.

A year ago Military Times threatened the Stop NATO e-mail list with legal action and, after contacting them and assuming the matter resolved, they got Yahoo Groups to threaten to shut down the list and even cancel my personal e-mail account.

Material on the WordPress site has been backed up, and everything posted to date is still accessible, but it’s not certain for how long.

As everyone familiar with both the site and the list know, no incitement to violence or other illegal action, no attempt to solicit money and no derogatory statement toward any demograhic group have ever appeared on either the mailing list or the news site.

The sole “crime” of which both are guilty is of being anti-war and anti-militarist.

Yours for peace,
Rick Rozoff

7 thoughts on “WordPress Suspends ‘Stop NATO’ news site”

  1. Anyone know how to get around the cyber-wall of insularity put up by WordPress? You know, like an email address? I'd like to lodge a protest over what WordPress has done to Mr. Rozoff. Holy crap, WordPress is going to start a censorship campaign? I have a WordPress blog and I can't find an email address for their braintrust to save my sorry arse.
    WordPress is going to censor Rick? Bulls*#t!!!

  2. wordpress is not a corporation with the u.s. constitution in their corporate statement, they are a private company and can in the end do what they wish. you need to pay $50 for some decent blog software and get the site back up. this is what happens when anti-establishment interests depend on the establishment for their existence. definitely become dependent only on yourself!

  3. P.S. WordPress does NOT allow me to comment on the Stop NATO blog… It could be my antique browser…is the reason…. Message says "message too long" Even when it's only TEN words…!! Go figure… One can PAY to post (longer?) messages,,, Rick Rozoff is a dyamo… He has more output than entire corporate newsrooms… and he travels too …..to glean this, and that more info on their activities… He is spilling their beans 24/7 relentlessly…. A real pain for them…. Rick…. Hats off to you…. Ditch wordpress….Please…!!

    You want to get on his mailing list. His stuff is so all encompassing and poignant…. Helps uderstand what, why things which otherwise appear nuts, are actually the politics of NATO empires inner werkings……. He IS on to their games and lies… His work is a real useful tool…

  4. “they are a private company and can in the end do what they wish.”

    Having a private company does not obviate the constitution and bill of rights, nor laws.

    Further, WordPress’ software license is under the GPLv2 (or later) from the Free Software Foundation.

    Rick, contact Eben Moglen or Richard Stallman.

  5. The simplest solution: find a cheap hosting deal and install a self-hosted WordPress setup, then port all your articles across.

    All up, that should take less than a day to accomplish; your WordPress installation will keep itself and any plugins up to date.

    (Anyone who says 'Ditch WordPress' is advising you to cut off your nose to spite your face; you would be far better off porting to a self-hosted install of the same platform, since cross-platform migration tools are not totally reliable)

    My site's host gives unlimited disk space and bandwidth for $108 for 2 years, but it's possible to get that even lower – my mirror site on another host cost me $55 for 2 years. (I'm not doing an ad for them, but both hosts have been excellent).

    At the end of the day, I might not agree with WordPress' decision (personally I think it shows a lack of character on their part), but it is their server and they therefore have the right to permit or deny content as they see fit. Private property (and the right to use it as one wills) is the cornerstone of liberty.

    In the same way, Blogger/Blogspot actively discourages any site critical of 'Israel' or questioning of the dominant narrative of the unpleasantness in occupied Europe during WWII… and all the lowcost/freehost blog providers will cave to pressure from (ahem) interested parties.

  6. This is Orwellian. It sounds like the same sort of thing that happened to Bradley Manning (PayPal shut down his supporters' account). Corporations are vulnerable, too, though, and the suggestions for how to beat them at their own game are good.
    Rick writes great stuff. I can understand why NATO would want to shut him up. FASCISTS!
    (Right now I am trying to post this using my FB account, and FB is telling me "An error occurred." Hmmmm)

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  9. I have no words to describe about the collection.Any more update about the NATO, if you have please share. I like to update it time to time.

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