Shorter Republican Debate

Wolf Blitzer: Congressman Ron Paul, you’re a doctor. If a 30-year-old man in Libya refuses to buy health insurance and can’t afford the Viagra he needs to keep raping, why haven’t we bombed him yet?

10 thoughts on “Shorter Republican Debate”

  1. I think Wolf Blitzer treated Ron Paul a lot better than how he was treated in the NBC/Politico debate. He gave Ron Paul the executive order question. He allowed him to speak about blow back. I'm concerned about the crowd booing Ron Paul when he talked about American foreign policy. It is interesting that Ron Paul was asked no jobs questions (unless I missed them). He could have talked about the misallocation of resources and trade policy.

  2. I don’t know. On the day after the tenth anniversary of 9-11, Blitzer asks Paul a question he knows will strike an emotionalist chord in the audience? I actually think the booing might be good, though. It seems like kind of moment Jon Stewart or someone could succinctly use to show how Paul isn’t one of those Palanites that give the Tea Party its bad rep.

  3. Wolf Blitzer? With a name like that he should be commanding a U boat wolf pack. I think he made that name up for the first gulf war.

  4. The Blitz blew it when that young man asked the question about how much of his hard earned dollar would each of them let him keep. I was hoping for a quick percentage answer from each candidate, but after Huntsman's obfuscated wrong answer, and Newt's non-answer, The Blitz moved on. I wish Ron Paul was allowed to answer that one. Obviously The Blitz knew Ron's answer too.

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