The Morally Blind Commemoration of 9/11

The self-absorbed U.S. “commemoration” of 9/11 today was repulsive in the extreme. 3000 Americans died, yes, a great tragedy. But 9/11 was used to launch a war based on lies in which over 1 million Iraqis have died and 4 million have been displaced – who knows how many wounded? No mention of that in all the self-absorption to which this date has been given over. And the effect of 911 and its uses has continued to Libya today in the Bush/Obama wars.

What kind of morality and culture is that? And the “upscale” outlets like NPR are just about the worst on this matter. AM talk radio cannot even come close. And at least the FM rock stations provide a refuge from the mawkishness

9/11 was barely a scratch compared to the millions killed in America’s imperial wars. The skies were dark on that September day with untold numbers of chickens coming home to roost.

Is the enemy that attacked the WTC on 9/11 stateless? I am no advocate of the idea that there was a secret demolition of the WTC – which is far-fetched on the face of it. But it is also clear that the FBI and Mossad both new about what was to come. The FBI’s warnings were ignored at the top – incompetence or malevolence, you tell me. But in either case it should be punished. So it may have been, as the pundits said in the early days, that this slaughter could not have been carried off without the aid of a nation state. There are only two that could have been in on this – Israel and the US itself. And it is now known that the fake 9/11 commission deleted from its report the fact that the single thing motivating the hijackers, who may have been little more than cats paws, was the plight of the Palestinians.

Remember the Maine. Remember the Tonkin Gulf incident. And some would say, Remember Pearl Harbor. PNAC itself said in 2000 that it would require a catastrophe of Pearl Harbor like dimensions to rev up the populace for wars in the Middle East. Looks like PNAC got lucky.

The Oklahoma City bombing does not merit a commemoration like this. Thsi kind of maudlin exercise requires American lives taken by an official enemy- in this case Muslim Arabs, a twofer.

If the Confucian idea that people or their children are punished for misdeeds and evil, we are in for a bad time. Let us hope that we can drive out those who are driving us in this terrible direction, like Bush and Obama and their friends in high places who run our nation, in good time to redeem ourselves and avoid that punishment.

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  1. You pegged it. Ignorance is bliss in the United States of Amnesia, which consists of infantilized, self-centered, envious souls for the most part. Thanks to, the only consistently antiwar antiwar web site on Earth.

  2. So you can watch WTC 7 drop in a perfect vertical freefall and still say to yourself, "Yep, totally accidental"?

    Lie to yourself all you want, but don't expect people with eyes and a brain to buy it. You might think you are gaining credibility by not stating the blatantly obvious truth, but all you are doing is perpetuating the regime's reichstag fire story. You are doing no-one a favor by stopping short of the obvious and backtracking to the State's preferred narrative. Go talk to any senior structural engineer (the guys who learned their trade on HP calculators and slide rules, not the spreadsheet kiddies of nowadays) and ask them about WTC7.

  3. bush murdered the 3000 at the WTC just to start a war with muslims on behalve of isreal the greatest terrorist state on the planet with Ms clinton kissing their ass

  4. The self-absorbed U.S. “commemoration” of 9/11 today was repulsive in the extreme

    Particularly inside of Amerika's so-called "Evangelical Christian" churches. I somehow, without the use of chemical sedatives, managed to sit through one of these disgusting pageants of state-worship on the morning of 9/11 without allowing my legs to sprint me out the door. I did, after the service, suggest to the pastor that much of the service content was inappropriate for a Christian worship service. The response was the standard stream of acerebral excuses hear regularly from such people on such occasions, excuses that effectively nullified this pastor and his church as centers of Christian worship or adherents to the Gospel.

    Needless to say, I'll not be returning to this church again.

  5. Let's say the US government were to admit FBI/CIA/XYZ agents were involved. Those agents would just be labeled "rogues," "terrorists," "collaborators," etc. And, the same Americans who ridicule "Truthers" as nutjobs would simply alter their criticism ever-so-slightly to "anyone who believes 9/11 was a widespread conspiracy or involved high-ranking officials or politicians is batshit crazy."

    So, unless you're making money selling books and DVDs, giving lectures, et al on how 9/11 was an inside job, your attempt to have the "truth" come out is really just a naive waste of time.

  6. I can not understand till now, why US government is continuing war against terrorist just blindly. It will only create new enemy. And finally, US citizens will receive the bad consequences.

  7. Many Americans accepted that the death of over 500,000 Iraqis children due UN /US/UK imposed and inforced sanctions as praise worthy action."The price was worth it".Only American sufferings and victims are the only ones that matter.Sufferings and death inflicted on others by the US is alwys dismissed by majority of Americans.
    By the way,the war on terror is a big farce.

  8. Only a boob with his head stuck firmly in the sand (or worse), would comment that the demolition of three concrete & steel reinforced buildings was "far-fetched on the face of it."

    These buildings were specifically designed to survive such an incident. One of the buildings that fell wasn't even damaged (except cosmetically) which even the sham 9-11 commission couldn't explain.

    The 9-11 Truth movement wasn't started by lunatics living in their mom's basement. It was started by pilots, firemen, paramedics, physicists and architects who, in their area of expertise, know something is very wrong with the official story. Any idiot can see that.

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