What Changed? Nothing.

Justin Elliott had a good piece in Salon yesterday, which we featured here. But when I went to read it, the subtitle made me laugh out loud.

“The president promised early on to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. What changed?”

What changed? LOL. Nothing. Anything Obama said that didn’t involve escalating something — he shook his fist at Pakistan even when “bomb bomb Iran” McCain was cautious about bombing a nominal ally — was a total lie. Seriously, the man hasn’t kept any campaign promises. Even domestic stuff like Obamacare was a betrayal of his progressive base — it just duped the left into getting on board a plot to deliver all of us into the clutches of the corporate insurance oligarchy. How did we really think the wars would go?

I’m not saying I had good judgment myself; I thought he’d be marginally better than Bush on foreign policy. Instead, he is worse in every way. And yet there are still partisans who slaver over him as long as he’s still preceded by that magic D. Democrat, not Disgusting. He shot bin Laden in the f’n face! PROGRESSIVE!

Not to go on too long, as I can. Nothing changed, Justin Elliott. Obama was and is a liar, especially on Iraq. But hey, leaving a few troops in Iraq when he said he’d take them all out (well, aside from thousands upon thousands of contractors) gives him the opportunity to end the Iraq War three times! A true peacemaker.

4 thoughts on “What Changed? Nothing.”

  1. Amerika 'r' stuck in an endless feedback loop of grinding banality. About the only thing that changes would be the faces of the liars. Even then, the 'change' is not so much.
    Nobama 2012!

  2. Wait, are you implying that progressives don't like war? Hell, they started our imperial adventures with the Spanish-American war! Progressives and war go together like charcoal and saltpeter. They want to remake the world by force—that has always been not only their MO, but their stated means of social change.

    Obama is what he says he was. The only major campaign promise he hasn't kept is not going to war with Iran (yet). It was obvious he would be worse than Bush. The pragmatist surrounded by Keynesians and legal nihilists.

    Perry will be EVEN WORSE! You heard it now so you won't be surprised later.

    Should I be more disappointed with Jeremy Sapienza or Justin Elliott?

  3. Jeremy, you ripped off the opening my comment on Elliot's article at Salon! Not saying it wasn't an obvious thought. But, dadgummit, I'd like to get some credit for pointing out the obvious before everyone else does once in awhile.

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