Chertoff Lies About Rendition Torture

In a recent interview on Hardtalk, former Secretary of Homeland Security (and co-author of the PATRIOT Act) Michael Chertoff was asked about extraordinary rendition and why the US government sent captured detainees to other countries known for widespread torture. Not only does he deny that the purpose of sending detainees to other countries was so that they would be tortured, but he denies anyone in the US government had knowledge that subjects were tortured when sent to various countries. He says, “I’m not sure I’m going to agree with you that they necessarily knew that people were going to be tortured.”

It’s a virtual certainty at this point, thanks to brilliant journalists beginning with but certainly not ending with Jane Mayer, that everyone involved in the post 9/11 extraordinary rendition program know it was based on torture. Rather than Chertoff’s lies and denial, knowledge of the reality of the program more closely matches with what Dana Priest and Barton Gellman were told very early on:

According to one official who has been directly involved in rendering captives into foreign hands, the understanding is, “We don’t kick the [expletive] out of them. We send them to other countries so they can kick the [expletive] out of them.” Some countries are known to use mind-altering drugs such as sodium pentathol, said other officials involved in the process.

I wonder what Chertoff might have said had he been asked these questions by Maher Arar:

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  2. He says, “I’m not sure I’m going to agree with you that they necessarily knew that people were going to be tortured.”
    Typical Politician billsh@t! He would probably say that he would not agree with someone regarding the existence of research papers on the hazards of back-scatter radiation his scanners give out. You know,… the scanners that are all over the U.S. in major airports.

  3. I have an Idea. Why not send him and the rest of the bunch to the Hague and let them decide?

    Better yet, if these people are so sure that they did nothing wrong then why don't they turn themselves in?

    1. Well, that would be great, but USA is not bound by The Hague. USA is a rough nation which puts itself above any law. Chertoff and the thugs like him want to judge nor to be judged.

  4. We are back to the days of the Third Reich, where instead of the German Army murdering the subhuman Europeans, it is the German engineered Financial Crisis that is doing it at no cost to the Fourth Reich.

    Germany cunning used the Albanians to prove to all of Europe, that different races cannot and should never trust each other to live in the same Country.

    Germany is especially pleased with this Fact being totally accepted in Britain and America, in order for the Whites and Blacks in Britain and America to kill each other, because the German Army could never invade Britain and America these days to do the killing for the new Nazi Reich.

    1. I'm astounded that you completely failed to link the German presence in Afghanistan to the dastardly Fourth Reich's plan for world conquest! After all, if the Germans gain control of the Khyber Pass, the panzers can roll into India and link up with the Japanese in Myanmar.

      1. I am astounded that you completely failed to understand that Modern Day Nazis use smooth words and pretend to be your friend while plotting your downfall.

        It could be that you have lead a very sheltered life, where Gullibility is considered one of the most excellent of pursuits.

        It could be that you are German, and are in on the Evil Scheme, and this is why you ridicule in order to deceive others.

        It could be that, as an Anglo-American, you that Anglo-America will use this against the European Union to break it up, as it is getting close to being a potential rival to Anglo-American Hegemony.

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  6. Bush, Cheney testify, but not under the pressure of taking an oath, they however TORTURE those they wish to question…. One would think any president after such a tragedy as 911 would want to get the truth out, not circumscribe the critical details…

    Chertoff is dirty on 911… His dual loyalty shows at every turn. "Operation Diamondback" to prime the pump… He will tell you he is acting in the best interests of the country……. But it leads one to wonder…. Which one

    1. "One would think any president…"

      But, Bushco didn't want the truth to get out because those critical details would almost surely send them all to prison for a very long time – and if they were to hold the trials in Texas, based on what Perry has stated they would probably have gone to visit the executioner.

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