Libya: More Bombing Needed?

At least the U.S. military and other NATO air forces have already had lots of practice hammering this country.

Who could have ever foreseen that the Islamist radicals would take over after the U.S. helped topple the country’s dictator?

Today’s New York Times: “Islamists’ Growing Sway Raises Questions for Libya

In the emerging post-Qaddafi Libya… the most powerful military leader is now Abdel Hakim Belhaj, the former leader of a hard-line group once believed to be aligned with Al Qaeda.

The growing influence of Islamists in Libya raises hard questions about the ultimate character of the government and society that will rise in place of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s autocracy.

4 thoughts on “Libya: More Bombing Needed?”

  1. I am quite sure they knew this would happen. I am equally sure that they knew the arms depots would be looted by the same bunch. I have seen immediate aftermath of these invasions and each time looting was out of control. It's simply not possible to strike military targets and expect that once the government falls that the people will not loot. What I have seen is that they take everything they can get. Government buildings, barracks, arms depots, C&C centers etc. all get stripped of everything in them. Well except the paperwork. That gets spread out in heaps on the floors and lit on fire.

  2. bombing in libya is wrong

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  3. How can a antiwar website write a headline "MORE BOMBING NEEDED?" while carpet bombing of Tripoli already killed 30,000 in tow days alone, while the black town Tawerga, with 10,000 inhabitants (8000 children, women+elderly), has been ethnically "cleansed" by NATO rebels? Civilians are attcked and killed there !

    AND: Islamist radicals were intentionally planned and supported by USA!

    Al Qaeda was the selfcreated "enemy" to justify war and war profits, since having no enemy would be the death to the defense industry.

    The report from Libya of Mahdi Nazemroaya of on GRTV who was there two months from July-August said:
    13:06/ 13:30 transitional council people said, it was the U S A w h o b r o u g h t i n A l Q a i d a . L i b y a ns d o n o t w a n t t h e i s l a m i s t s, but the US wants them a n d i s c o n t r o l l i n g t h e m .
    some further otherwise censored information of him:
    8:35 he reports the war crimes of NATO(bombing residential areas, water supply, hospials, food stores, schools, University broadcast buildings etc.) +at 18:05
    11:30 NATO mercenaries in Libya: usa brought in Al Qaida, France: foreigner legion, UK:

    18:05 he personaly saw bombed Hotels, restaurants, Gaddafi's home and at a NATO bombed house outside Tripoli, that later was shown as "destroyed by Gaddafi troops in Al Arabya, desite they did know that NATO was it.
    22:37 The red cross told me about 3000 deaths within two days in Tripoli mostly form NATO. Tripoli is demolished and looks far worse than Sarajevo.
    24:00 massive rape, foreigners did deliberatly fuell fighting and hate on both sides by showing brutal rapes and beheadings,
    28:28 Tripoli conquering strategy: infrastructure destruction and supply cut off and then massive carpet bombing

    In this interview he also says:
    "At 12:30 there was (at the beginning) british security forces and the USA had occupied all the upper floors in the Bengasi Hotel to preapare and conduct all the events in Libya !

    U S secret agreement with the Jihadists !
    Also the french defense startegy specialist Eric? Denécé, Officier-analyste à la direction de l'Evaluation et de la Documentation Stratégique du Secrétariat Général de la Défense Nationale (SGDN).
    said in an Interview at rt
    At 3:50: USA they "have a secret agreement with the Jihadists: YOU GET THE SHARIA AND WE GET THE OIL"
    at 4:55:? " we believe they(USA) decided not to support Gaddafi may be two years ago (!) and did proceeded step by step to the situation we face now"

    And this is even as general plan confirmed by US General Wesley Clark who reported about US Government plan to invade 7 arab countries in 5 years iraq, syria, Lebanon, Libya, somalia, sudan and Iran.
    They had information that Russia would not intervene in a 10 year time window in wars of the US against former soviet satellitestates:

    Actually no wonder, that USA is supporting Jihadists, in fact fundamentalism is the best brainwash and most brutal repression system and USA needs partners since they can not do this by themself in arab countries. They even took people from Quantanamo prison in Cuba, according to Nevertheless using Al Qaeda as emenmy is needed to enfore military and supervision, submission and control under the name of homeland security":
    For more information check or for ongoing Libyan stuff

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