John Glaser on RT on Iran and the IAEA

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  1. Even if Iran has nuclear weapons, that's not a reason to start a war. The US has the most nuclear weapons in the world. Bush went to war with Iraq based on lies that they planned to threaten world peace with WMD's and were behind 9/11. If the US & Israel or any other country declare war, it will be based on lies. No nation will go to war with North Korea because it would use its WMD'S against them.

  2. It isn't about nukes, it's about regime change, period. The nuclear issue is a pretext to isolate Iran, and an excuse for more sanctions. The Us and Israel have eventually succeeded with the nea IAEA head to co-opt the IAEA. Sad. And now, just like with Iran, the process continues on auto-pilot towards escalation. The more the US and Israel demonise Iran, the higher the domestic political cost of making a deal with Iran.

    War is the natural end result of that foolishness, unless someone does the currently unacceptable, and makes that grand bargain with Iran. I'd like to see that.

    Alas, when the Iranians tries that the last times the Bushies refused, after all, Iran was on America's "do do list" for the Greater Middle East, after Damascus and Beirut, " … real men go to Tehran!", some smart ass quipped then. They learned nothing in the meanwhile, and want to go there as urgently as ever.

    Anyway, a fair deal with Iran will not happen with US elections around the corner, doping so would predictably expose the politician trying that of being accused to be an appeaser. Apparently, Republicans are like that.

    And then, remember the, was it 27, standing ovations congresses duly delivered as ordered to king Bibi of Israel? Speaking of that, here is, of course, the firm grip the Israel, or rather Likud, lobby has on US politicos and the support for that unspoken consensus in the mainstream media. Play by these rules or you won't reported on. Look at what they do to Ron Paul.

  3. PS: The reason for the necessity of regime change for the 'war with Iran' coalition is that it is Israel's apparent intent to militarily dominate their neighbours.

    All challengers to that must go away. That's why Iran must go. It was Iranian support that enabled Hezbollah to bloody Israelis nose in 2006.

    Now, that can't be spoken out aloud, so it's, it has to be to be palatable to a broader audience, about that asserted nuclear program, which's non-existence Iran, conveniently for some, cannot prove.

  4. PPS: Afterthought – Mr Glaser, I agree with your general drift, but be more careful with numbers.

    The exaggerations don't help your, good, case, and will appear shrill to some. The US Navy doesn't have thousands of ships. Much less in the Persian Gulf. Hundreds do just fine, and even that is only when you add together deployments over a time period.

    That's it, cheers.

    1. reports the total number of U.S. naval vessels down to the level of amphibious assault vessels is 2384.

  5. One of the most important points made by Glaser was that the political side of Israel and the US are the ones saber rattling for an attack, but the military and intell sides are strangely quiet. It's time for them to speak up publicly and condemn the insanity and lies.

  6. I believe the Iranians need to go on a good public relations marketing campaign. The Iraqis learned the hard way. The problem is that corporate media is so beholden to their government masters that the voice you most often hear in the US is that of Big Brother.

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