Knesset Speaker on ‘Jewish Terrorism’

Via Jacob Heilbrunn, speaker of the Israeli Knesset Reuven Rivlin speaks out against price-tag attacks, in which extremist Jewish settlers in the West Bank attack Palestinians and their property out of anger towards the dismantling of illegal Jewish settlements in Palestinian territory:

“This is not a ‘price’ or a ‘tag,’ this is terror,” he wrote. “These villainous criminals who harmed houses of prayer, fields, homes and property belonging to Palestinians, are Jewish, and this is Jewish terrorism that should be called nothing less.”

So-called price-tag attacks increased markedly towards the end of the summer – as this report shows – and began to get what little international attention it did get last month, when the U.N. urged the Israeli government to curb the violence and harassment against Palestinians. The latest harassment has cropped up in response to indications from Netanyahu that some settlements will be dismantled, even though Israel simultaneously announced other settlement expansions in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

10 thoughts on “Knesset Speaker on ‘Jewish Terrorism’”

  1. I'm sure Mr. Rivlin, as was Yitzhak Rabin, is probably already a man marked for termination by the very same "Jewish Terrorist" organizations that he has publicly decried.

  2. Possibly many of them should be deported back to America, from whence they came.

    It is an ongoing injustice that an American (for example) can live in Israel because he is Jewish, but Palestinians who were born in the Palestinian territories now Israeli cannot go back to Israel because they are Arab.

    But more violence will just lead to more violence. It's time for people to do the right thing, and stop supporting the settlers, who get most of their material support from America.

    1. Not all Jews have right of return. THe Israel supreme court ruled that one guy who was from a jewish family and converted to be a Christian could not claim the right of return because the court ruled that a christian could never claim to be a jew.
      This might sound like a non issue but does that not stay that it is not anti semitic to object to the policies of Israel since it is not the people but the religious and political policies that are questioned?
      According to the present Israel law Jesus Christ would not be allowed to enter the country because as a Catholic he is no longer a jew.

  3. Why would you deport them back to Israel. None of them came from Israel. Spending time on the line stealing arab land is their ticket to the good life. The correct religion gets you into Israel but you have to be rich. Spending time on the line beating old arab woman and killing the crops show you are a true believer in Greater Israel. Deport them back to the nation that they actually come from and make sure they have the criminal records attacked to their record so if they are from the USA They will not become a prey on the USA taxpayers because of a criminal conviction.

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