Senate Upholds Unconstitutional Detainment Provision in Defense Bill

I wrote today about the dangerous provision of the current defense bill that would drastically expand the Defense Department’s ability to indefinitely detain terrorism suspects, shifting that responsibility from traditional domestic law enforcement to the military.

“The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world,” according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “The power is so broad,” they claim, “that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself.”

Senator Mark Udall proposed an amendment to this monstrosity that would essentially strip the bill of these expanded powers. The Senate rejected that amendment today in a 61-37 vote. So the provision granting the military broad powers to detain terrorism suspects without due process even if they are American citizens on American soil remains (although, as I wrote here, the president has vowed to veto it).

Rand Paul gave a damn good speech against the provision today, although he eventually was on the losing side. John McCain, the scoundrel, who co-authored the provision rambled on in his authoritarian way (via Hit & Run):

13 thoughts on “Senate Upholds Unconstitutional Detainment Provision in Defense Bill”

  1. The entire Senate, save Rand Paul, Mark Udall, and perhaps a tiny handful of others, has just committed treason. I don't need to remind the readership here of the [prescribed constitutional punishment for that.

    1. Heh. But if you look at the description of in that document, it's pretty accurate, even somewhat flattering! (Of course the word "isolationist" is a slur, though.)

  2. If this bill passes, the last vestiges of our once proud republic will be history.

    The end,
    Palpatine wins

  3. Greek philosopher Socrates was skeptical about IF Democracy would work effectively when the fools who vote outnumbered the wise who vote.
    What he neglected in his concerns was how would Democracy work effectively when the Congress ended up filled with fools and TRAITORS.

  4. I suspect McCain of supporting terrorism by supporting the MEK which is listed by the government as a terrorist group. When will the military send him to Gitmo? Oh, that's right, the laws are for us, not them. Sorry.

  5. I'm thinking that either most of the members of Congress have gone insane or more probably their families and estates are being threatened by some rogue agency like the Mossad, CIA, DEA, or the secret government that Cheney and the Neocons keep so well hidden.

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