Amnesty International: US Giving Arms to Egypt For Use Against Protesters

For frequent readers, you already know this:

Data obtained by Amnesty International shows that the US has repeatedly transferred ammunition to Egypt despite security forces’ violent crackdown on protesters.

A shipment for the Egyptian Ministry of Interior arrived from the US on 26 November carrying at least seven tons of “ammunition smoke” – which includes chemical irritants and riot control agents such as tear gas.

It was one of at least three arms deliveries to Egypt by the US company Combined Systems, Inc. since the brutal crackdown on the “25 January Revolution” protestors.

In April, as well, the U.S. “shipped 21 tons of ammunition (42,035 pounds)” to Egypt. Then again in August, “another shipment of 17.9 tons of ammunition (35,793 pounds)” was received by Egyptian authorities. Amnesty International’s Brian Wood: “These licences were authorized during a period where the Egyptian government responded to protests by using excessive and often lethal force. It is inconceivable that the US authorities did not know of evidence of widely documented abuses by the Egyptian security forces. These licences should not have been granted.”

Golly, who will be held responsible for this! Oh, right…sorry…getting riled about standard practice again.

One thought on “Amnesty International: US Giving Arms to Egypt For Use Against Protesters”

  1. Since when did dealing with dictators ever bother Uncle Sam? Poor ole Hussein found out the hard way simply by wandering off the reservation. That was a no no and he had to swiftly dance at the end of a rope so as to never air the truth about that "special relationship".

  2. since when has the us given weapon to Egypt for any other purpose, we know they are not for use against its only hostile neighbor

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