Important Correction, re: Politico and Jim Lobe

It came to our attention today that an excerpt from a 2006 column that was incorrectly attributed to Jim Lobe was quoted in an article that appeared today at

Some of our old archives are being misindexed by Google.

The article that appeared at never actually existed as such. Under our old database, the authors were switched around in the Google harvesting.

The Serbia article was actually written by Paul Craig Roberts and appears here: (readers can see it has the same date and article ID number).

We have corrected this problem and that old URL now goes to the Roberts article.

Please accept our sincere apology.

Eric Garris

4 thoughts on “Important Correction, re: Politico and Jim Lobe”

  1. Our old database system was screwy that way, you could make it seem like anyone you wanted wrote the articles with a few URL changes.

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