Iran and the High Cost of Lunch

The imposition of ever stricter sanctions on Iran over its civilian nuclear program has already spilled over in a big way against Iran’s private economy, though it has largely spared the public sector that it supposedly targets.

But we can add another side effect to the US and European sanctions: a spike in the price of German sausages. Unbeknownst to many Germans the popular Nuremberg bratwurst turns out to be intimately linked to Iranian trade, as the sheep intestines into which the sausages are stuffed come almost exclusively from Iran.

The sanctions have made food prices soar in Iran, and with the price of food rising, Iranians are eating a lot less meat, which means less sheep are being slaughtered for food, which means less sausage casings. The cost of the intestines has nearly tripled in the last year and a half.

And like any other halfway famous food in Europe, the EU regulates the absolute piss out of what a Nuremberg Bratwurst has to include. This means that switching to vegetable-based casings or some other alternative simply isn’t an option, and the price of the city’s beloved bratwurst is expected to rise in response to its increased production costs.

The reports downplay the seriousness, as well they might. Its just bratwurst, after all, and Germans can readily afford to pay more for them.

Rather, the story is indicative of how Iran’s economy is linked to the rest of the world’s, and the continued destruction of trade ties with Iran is going to continue to crop up in more and more unexpected ways, some minor, and some not so minor.

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  1. This is exactly the 'point'… Cutting all economic ties with Iran means there will be no 'whining' from interests within US if, and when, a decision to go to War with Iran is made. "Tough guy" George W. Bush, from 'West Texas' (don't mess with it btw), wasn't brought up to speed on this concept before shooting off his mouth when a Chinese pilot was killed and a US spy plane was brought down in China with US military men and women. When this happened, he first said he wouldn't "apologize"; even so, he later did, in fact, "apologize"….the economic ties with China (Wall-Mart no doubt being one) put Bush in his place. It's probably not easy for most people, particularly elites, to recognize "Wall Mart" has such power; however, most people can't see six inches in front of their face–no matter what religion they happen to be, or even how 'educated' they actually are.

    1. GW, while a kid, lived in West Texas with mom and dad while dad hobnobbed in the oil business. Later the Bushlet married a gal from there. I've seen their old house now made into some sort of shrine to their memory… though for the life of me I know not why. I guess it's the same idiotic notion that compels starry-eyed people to say "Washington slept here" or some such claptrap.

  2. (,,,)
    In the end, what this means (IMHO) is that: no economic ties=no problem. The main thrust behind a federal US government in the first place was fear from business interests who recognized "war" was ultimately bad for "business"; however, it was all too frequent and somewhat inevitable without "checks and balances"… The whole concept behind "democracy" itself isn't really about "freedom" at all; rather, it's about avoiding "war"… The losers are pacified by the notion of an imaginary future where they will "rise again"… That's the whole point of a lot of things…

  3. "…. the EU regulates the absolute piss out of what a Nuremberg Bratwurst has to include."… And that's no joke! Reading through you'll then understand another telling reason why things are as expensive as they are: the damn EU bureaucrats, like all tax sucking parasites around the world, who sit around and write this totalitarian swill to be forced down everyone's throat. They are speed bumps to productive life.

  4. The illegal sanctions that are imposed on Iran have has total disregards for its impacts on other nation’s economy than meets the eye. By twisting arms in Washington the Zionist have accomplished to widen the gaps between us and the EU even more. By that, the Zionist will force the EU’s hands in dealing with the Zionist peace with the Palestinians. The EU economy is in its worst crisis since WWII. Their dependent on our foreign policy has shown they have no immediate solutions for their problems. Their indecision has served the Zionist well and now they have no other venue, but to follow DC’s choice in the ME conflicts. Taking out and disconnecting Iran’s $50 Billion trade with EU will show its ugly head in many other area sooner or later and time goes by. Would this be a wakeup call to EU, is something to be seen.

    Get real.

  5. The effect of sanction will be going worst and finally Iranians will receive the bad effects. US and European Countries should consider deeply before taking such high risk action. It is hard to see that there is a good goal on this sanction…except misery..

  6. Ultimately the sanctions will likely raise the price of oil, particularly for Europe. China, India, and Russia have already found ways to circumvent the sanctions, by bilateral exchange with Iran using their own currencies, barter, or gold. Japan will find a way to ignore the sanctions – they must.
    So the Tel Aviv/Washington/New York axis will have shot itself in the foot, once again.

  7. that proves the fact of agreat persian poet sadi who lived about 800 years ago. here is his poem.
    Human beings are members of a whole,
    In creation of one essence and soul.
    If one member is afflicted with pain,
    Other members uneasy will remain.
    If you have no sympathy for human pain,
    The name of human you cannot retain.

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