Living Under Occupation: Israeli Mobs and Night Raids

Two videos emerged this weekend that are worth highlighting. The first is apparently a rare look into a warantless night raid by Israeli forces in the West Bank.

The other video is of an Israeli “mob attack by hundreds of Israeli football fans on Arab workers and shoppers at the Malha Mall in western Jerusalem,” according to Ali Abunimah at Electronic Intifada. The mob beat up, spit on, and harassed Arabs in the mall and chanted  “mavet la ‘aravim,” or death to the Arabs, in Hebrew. No arrests were made.

(h/t Jonathan Liebowitz)

  • Patrick

    What a lowlife thieving army of occupation. No wonder Hizbullah kicked their cowardly butts.

  • Many couples in Israel are mixed.. They're all citizens of Israel.

    • liberranter

      And I can imagine that they endure the same level of violence and persecution that mixed couples in Amerika did prior to the late 1960s/early 1970s.

  • George W. Bush

    On these night raids did the Americans learn this from the Israeli's or did the Israeli's learn this from the Americans ?

    • liberranter

      Definitely a "chicken or the egg?" question.

  • LibertyRising

    Spread the word: BDS – Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions. Learn what companies do business with Israel.

    • R.Parker

      Diebold, for one–the makers of your ATMs and electronic voting machines. I believe their corporate headquarters are in Israel. The Caterpillar Co., who make the bulldozers the Israelis run over Palestinians and demolish their homes, for another. The big "defense" contractors like Boeing, Lockheed/Martin, etc. The list is probably endless.

      • LibertyRising

        Don't forget: Intel – plant in Israel; Home Depot – CEO is big Israel supporter; ditto for Starbucks

  • Life under occupation must be a nightmare!

  • No wonder Hizbullah kicked their cowardly butts