SNL Spoofs Hagel Hearings, Mocks Loyalty to Israel

This Saturday Night Live skit was ultimately cut and did not air (for some reason…).

10 thoughts on “SNL Spoofs Hagel Hearings, Mocks Loyalty to Israel”

  1. I find it interesting. These same lizards that would commit evil "for* Israel in exchange for personal gain from the Zionist lobby, would just as quickly commit evil Israel *against* Israel if the opposing lobby was stronger. Graham, Cruz, Mccain and company represent the worst in humanity, and are truly enemies of America.

    1. I agree with Mike – they are all same behind the scene and gather in underground meetings for planning wars, making policies how to control Americans and other countries. But in public they show as if they are critic to each other. They are highly intelligent even people of average understanding cannot get a clue of what they have fed them through their media.

  2. I saw an old SNL skit onetime where they had a rape counsel hotline for guys who had raped someone and were feeling a little upset. That was when SNL was really cutting edge and not establishment. Wow how gutless SNL has become in these days of PC!

  3. They probably pulled it because one of the actors kept breaking up the rest with his incredibly bad acting. :-) Of course, that would be the "non-conspiracy theory.."

    The more likely reason is the network Legal Department said, "Whoa! Hold on! Represent as C-SPAN! We'd be sued blind!" That's because at least half the audience would be too stupid to realize they're looking at SNL instead of C-SPAN. :-)

    Of course, the REAL reason is: No one in the mainstream media dares mention Israel in an even remotely negative light.

  4. As much as I thought the skit was on point, I don't think it was getting enough laughs. It requires people to understand what was going on in those hearings for them to get the joke and I think most of the audience doesn't watch enough of CSPAN or follow what's going on. Ballsy for even shooting it, quite frankly.

  5. It was cut because is wasn't funny at all. Doesn't matter your political convictions, there was nothing to laugh at. I was thoroughly disappointed because I could have written it better, and that's pretty bad.

  6. I don't watch SNL much but I thought "Saturday Night Live" is supposed to be LIVE, how do you cut it?
    That bit was shot before a live, if somewhat unresponsive audience, wasn't it?

  7. This was cut because you fall asleep watching it. No nefarious Zionist plot here, just lousy writing, timing, and nothing funny. Typical SNL these days.

  8. I checked on the guy who had the power to cut this skit, Lorne Michaels. Turns out, according to Wikipedia, his real name is Lorne Lipwitz, he was born in Israel and raised on a kibbutz. Maybe he's a Zionist?

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