US Spy Chief Presents Third-Party Debates as Proof RT Is Anti-US

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s latest report on the alleged “election hacking” by Russia includes a substantial section focused around the idea that Russian government-funded channel RT is overtly anti-American. This is a common enough accusation, but when set out in a multi-page report format, a lot of the charges fall remarkable short.

Nowhere was this more apparent, however, than on the first page of the Annex on RT, which presented the fact that RT America hosted US presidential debates which included third-party candidates.

There has of course been long-standing annoyance among many in the US that the “mainstream” US media’s debates consistently exclude all but the Democratic and Republican candidates. US spy agencies, however, see this exclusion as such a core aspect of US democracy that they are presenting more inclusive debates as inherently anti-American.

In 2012 RT hosted a third-party candidates debate which included Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. In 2016 RT ran a pair of primary debates for the same two parties focusing on foreign policy as well as electoral reform.

Beyond giving third parties an avenue of debate, the Annex also accuses RT of myriad other “misdeeds” of a similarly dubious nature, complaining RT introduced the show “Breaking the Set” in 2012 with an eye toward “the promotion of radical discontent,” and ran stories critical of the environmental fallout of fracking.

While anti-fracking news is common across a lot of media outlets, the report concluded that the only reason RT could possibly be concerned with the practice was that they were trying to protect the profits of major Russian natural gas giant OAO Gazprom.

The report also notes RT coverage of police brutality in the US, its sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement, and criticism of mass surveillance as signs they were trying to “undermine viewers’ trust in US democratic procedures.”


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  1. RT and TYT (and hopely other new medias that support non-Republican/Democrat candidates) are only two that give americans some more alternates candidates opposite from them and now Establishment doesnt let that happen.

    Well screw them anyway and thats new reality if they like it or not they need to accept it.

      1. The Security State which is controlled by Wall Street that owns both political parties.

        It is class war. It always has been.

        Now get back to work.

  2. So RT is anti-American because it is doing the job the US media has consistently failed to do?

    And domestic channels that are critical of US policies or actions are purveying ‘Fake News’?

    Sounds like another CIA ‘Slam-Dunk’ to me.

  3. “is overtly anti-American”
    Even if this were the case … SO WHAT!!
    Should one not aspire to freedom and stuff and let the facts speak for themselves, which, if reasonably well presented in an environment of trust should be easily convincing?
    Nope! Controlling the message and manufacturing consent is where it’s at.
    (Anyone has read John Brunner’s “Shockwave Rider” recently?)

    1. —–
      (Anyone has read John Brunner’s “Shockwave Rider” recently?)

      It’s been a few years — but just the other day I was thinking it’s time to hunt up my old copy or find a new one.

  4. This analysis presupposes that US coverage of Russia in, let’s say .gov outlets, is the gold standard in objectivity. If the report were objectively written about the US media, it would have to have been much more critical than about RT.

    The fallacy here is the idea that news is inherently objectively summarized. All news editorializes information to reinforce a message. C’mon, we all know this by now, especially after the back story of this election!

    Can’t these morons come up with a more sophisticated lie? I feel personally insulted that they take us for such fools.

    1. and another thing, these frigging morons are using a criteria to judge RT by, assuming we’re too stupid to apply the same criteria on the US media!!!

  5. This is yet another part of the bizarro DC world where competitive internatonal powers are not allowed any more to give any platform to any criticism or even just congratulate themselves when outcomes become advantage to their own aims (e.g. lifting of sanctions, status of world-power, stability). Since the world is now only “with you” or “against you”, any state sponsored activity working against current US foreign policy must be treated as dangerous, “unprecedented” or destabilizing? It’s like a narcissist wound on a group scale.

    It’s bizarre logic because one is, at the most, only describing (essentially) completely reasonable actions performed by others, especially in the light of ones own colorful history of international action (CIA/NSA programs).

    The mind is reeling here. Are they serious? Can no one there “move on” to indeed bigger and more important things? Even if half of the report would be true, simply start similar programs in Russia by next election. Leak some reports, publish some financial scandals, highlight suspicious murders and so on. Oh wait…

    1. Listening to Clapper’s testimony and description of RT, realizing Clapper has blatantly lied to congress during an earlier testimony, is very scary. It is like being a passenger in a car driven by a complete reckless driver. We are at the mercy of these loonies in our government. They don’t cre if they crash us, no one will hold them accountable as long as they hew the party line.

  6. Does this type of reasoning eventually turn average public into a herd of moons? Does this tendency to engage into ramblings unafraid of being hauled before the deck ,weeds out the more skilled more intelligent more thoughtful people out of the running for any office,any public debate ,out of taking any stab at the unwholesome activities,out of questioning or writing to the newsmedia ,or contesting any office,or even trying to explain to the younger generations in s holl or college? If Darwin still held true ,this sure would happen.

  7. Good comments in this thread. RT supplies needed perspective so we can THINK instead of genuflecting to the authorities like Clapper and McCain.

  8. If not for key players in foreign press, Americans would have a hard time obtaining truthful information in major publications/outlets. The activities and stories published by these major outlets in foreign countries SHOULD prove as a clear condemnation of the atrocious job American media outlets do in exposing truths, fully covering important stories, and keeping Americans “well informed” about what’s really going on in their own country. But as is typical of the criminal political establishment, “blame the messenger” is the catchphrase of the day.

    1. Gee, didn’the Seinfeld teach us that truth is for suckers like it did my kids?

      What..? Are you some kind of Troofer (like me)….???

      It’s like Bunker man put it: STFU & drink the MSM Kool-Aid….. And NO thoughts that it’s owned by those who support policies that are contrary to the best interests of the vast majority of the American People.

  9. Newspeak: An informed electorate is now anti-American. Thank god we have the Clappers of the world to protect us from watching any candidates debate besides those two approved by them.

  10. It’s obvious US intelligence has zero evidence on the provenance of the DNC/Podesta hacks and that it wants to compensate by “including” normal journalistic practices in in cyber-crimes committed against the US.

  11. A German madman once said that if you repeat a lie often enough, the people will believe it. In 1930’s Germany the National Socialist Party controlled all of the means of mass communication. 21st century Americans should know better

  12. The third parties wouldn’t have to go to RT In the first place if our media would cover those debates or if they were actually in the main debates.
    if they are on the ballot they deserve to be heard if by no one else but their supporters who are also taxpayers and so fund those things.

  13. Jason Ditz, I understand you are writing to accomodate minds that have turned to mush, but still, a correction needs to be made here.
    RT is definitely as “anti-US” as US media and the hearts and minds of Americans are anti-Russia/Putin. Let’s not put the cart before the horse. Rather, we need to systematically defang the US hate for Russia/Putin because it is illogical for the most part.

  14. A question for you: Does the media lead the people or do the people lead the media?

    I think it’s more like, the government reinforces the ‘hate Russia mindset’ which leads the media.

    An example is how Fox news adapted to the situation by interviewing Assange, which is not the standard Fox news bullshit. Fox news dared to do it because they felt the people were going to be receptive.

    1. Not to disagree with you entirely but I would say that being pro-reality is the same as being anti-American.

      I mean really, do you think RT is any less anti-american than US media is anti-Russian? They all hate Russia because they are confident that Americans in the large majority hate Russia/Putin.

      And fwiw, Russians don’t express hate for Americans on the street. I don’t know from first hand experience but I know from second hand reports in a couple of cases of Canadians going to Russia and being initially mistaken for being Americans.

      luv from Canada.

    1. Did you mean that I have no authority here?
      Having a say or not is guaged by the remarks I get in return for my opinions. You are a good example of my opinions stirring the pot pretty well. The correct approach is to ignore my remarks. Or take to having me banned, whatever.

      luv from Canada.

  15. If I pen a couple letters to the editor(which I have done on many occasions), which criticize both Clinton and Trump on their pro-money class stance, does that qualify as “anti-US democratic procedure,” or even “hacking the election”? Apparently, that;s how the absurd Office of DNI report would characterize them! It’s absolutely outrageous how the Wall Street-Pentagon ruling elite is trying to spin this latest episode of Corporate-bin-Laden media’s Fake News. :(

    1. Good site! And especially Ray McGovern who is always spot on. Doe he still carry much credibility with Americans or has he been demonized too?

      luv from Canada.

        1. What a privilege it must have been to meet him. He’s one of the greatest and he’s still not quitting.

  16. RT gives voice to those who dissent and would otherwise not be given a platform in US media simply because it does not agree with the MS narrative. Even if RT has a slant (as does all media), it is certainly a good one.

  17. How clever. So, the spooks are spooked by one channel that dies not obey their narrative of the universe? But the universe is moving on –and they cannot stop it.

    Look at the examples of “anti-Americanism”. RT talked positively of Occupy Wall Street and is anti-fracking! You can knock me by the feather! Clearly, the top spooks THINK we are so utterly stupid — and from the examples conclude how those devious Russians rely HATE you, red blooded Americans! They are FOR liberal causes –and this proves it. I hate to think that THIS is the level of intelligence of our intelligence services. Well, not the services, but a reflection on their management.
    Isn’t NY Governor also against fracking? Is he also Putin’s propagandist? Did not Obama had some positive things to say about Occupy? Did not RT win an American award for that documentary? Are all of them anti-American?

    In fact, RT has plenty of liberal minded programs and talk show hosts. But they are at the same time more INFORMATIVE. Their programs contain actually usefull info, thus making me endure some if their liberal proclivities. Thom Hartman, as liberal as they get –is a treasure throve of American history in the context of today’s dillema

    1. I fear you’re wrong when you say the universe is moving on. Americans have been thoroughly schooled to not trust Russia and that has been accomplished by relating the mistrust to the face of Putin.

      I rather doubt we even could find a majority of rational attitudes toward Putin even on this site and that’s about as positive a representation of antiwar Americans we could find to survey.

      Or do you think otherwise?

  18. Actually you have your own .1%er light weight “celebrity” PM. If better educated, more literate, bilingual Canadians voted him in, what do you expect of USA rednecks?

    1. That’s politics beard. Good looks and a celebrity name is what it takes and there’s not a lot we can do about it.. It’s a recipe for success that can be played by your country too.

      Trudeau is far from the best choice available in Canada but I do see some ability in him. The biggest problem he faces right now is the mindset that’s been created by the Conservative party that we have kicked out. It’s a pro-US attitude and it’s going to take a long time to change it. It’s likely not doable unless attitudes in your country lead the charge. Will that happen? Is there really any hope with Trump? I would suggest that there is not and it’s going to get worse with him. Sorry, but I just can’t be posive about Trump right now.

      luv from Canada.

  19. If only that great soldier of democracy and freedom were here with us

    We wouldn’t be dealing with such foreign subversion

    Where have you gone Joe McCarthy?

    Tailgunner Joe has left and gone away

    1. McCarthy was a domestic terrorist who destroyed more Americans than the russians ever could.

  20. America’s domestic problems are none of Russia’s business. Just like Russia’s domestic problems – Putin’s tyranny, suppression of opposition ,human rights for the LGBT community, drug testing in sport, or sanctions against the EU, Ukraine or anywhere else are really none of Radio Free Europe’s or America’s business. But they all are.

  21. Only the very large majority of Americans. To not believe in the establishment machine is equivalent to burning the flag or pissing on the bible for Americans. Get out more Joe, this site isn’t representing the sentiments of any more than maybe 10%, and even at that, the rest aren’t solid antiwar.

    luv from Canada.

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