Max Boot: “Washington Needs a Colonial Office”

From the Financial Times, reprinted in The Weekly Standard. My two favorite parts:

“We need to create a colonial office–fast.

Of course, it cannot be called that. It needs an anodyne euphemism such as Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance.”

Leo who? Nineteen eighty-what? Das Boot continues:

“But it should take its inspiration, if not its name, from the old British Colonial Office and India Office. Together, these two institutions ran large swaths of the world with a handful of bright, honest, industrious civil servants. They had an enormous impact, given the small numbers involved; there were seldom more than 1,000 members of the Indian civil service to administer hundreds of millions of Indians.”

Wow! What an extraordinary ratio of (white) chiefs to (literal) Indians! How did they ever manage?

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