The American Way of “Getting Rid of People”

I put this up as a comment on Gene Healy’s blog earlier, so I might as well post it here, too. Healy wrote about Bush’s recent interview with Brit Hume on Fox, and one of the funnier/scarier moments in the exchange when Bush said that he gets all of his info from Rice and Wolfowitz. Good, but my favorite part was this:

HUME: Now the Israelis have indicated that they might get rid of [Arafat] one way or another, exile, killing him. What would be our reaction to that? I mean, we keep hearing that he’s an enemy of peace, an obstacle to peace, and yet when the Israelis said, well, OK, let’s get rid of him, the answer up in the U.S. government is, whoa, not so fast. What about it?

BUSH: Well, the best way — in America, we believe in getting rid of people through a peaceful, orderly process, and the Palestinian people should make that decision by getting a government that represents their will. Because I believe most Palestinians believe in peace.

“Getting rid of people through a peaceful, orderly process”– this should be Ashcroft’s motto for the PATRIOT Act.