War Street Journal: “Our Friends, the Serbs”?!

There’s that old canard that no press is bad press. Certainly, with everything that’s been written about them over the past decade or so, the Serbs should know that’s a lie. But sometimes “good” press is excruciatingly bad press, too. Consider an October 6 editorial by the War Street Journal (subscribers click here, the rest you will have to trust me), extolling the virtues of “better friends to America than the French.”
Welcome to the Dark Side.

The warbirds at the Journal are ecstatic that the quisling Dossie regime has offered 1000 Serbian troops “a la carte” for a war of Washington’s choosing (turned out to be Afghanistan). Of course, these troops would have to be “clean” – i.e. approved by the paragons of virtue that are Imperial warlords, to make sure they haven’t possibly ever killed a KLA bandit (Important allies, duh! Can’t have that…) or some such. The WSJ also notes the Dossies were “wise not to ask” for a possible quid pro quo in Kosovo. Well, why not? Endless abasement before the Empire is its own reward.
Even Zoran Djindjic, whom I disliked as a morally bankrupt character, made sure to get something (or try, anyway) in exchange for his submission. His successor just gives it away.
If citizens of Serbia think serving the Empire is a good thing, if they continue to support the Dossies and buy into their filthy lies, then they deserve not just everything that will happen to them, but everything that already has. I thought they were better than that, but it looks like I’ve been wrong.