Come Again, Glenn?

Read this post by Glenn Reynolds, then read the article it refers to. Then convince me that Reynolds hasn’t gotten into Limbaugh’s stash.

Reynolds makes it sound as if Brendan O’Neill’s article somehow makes the case for war, like this hawk yelp from Charles Krauthammer. Say what? Contra Krauthammer (“Rolf Ekeus, living proof that not all Swedish arms inspectors are fools”) and the rest of the inspectors-were-wimps warbots, O’Neill points out that the inspectors were belligerent liars, too:

From the outset, UNSCOM was far from a neutral, peace-loving body. Its powers of intervention and destruction were unlike anything that went before in the arms control and inspection business…

Those who oppose Western intervention in Iraq and elsewhere should have no truck with the inspectors’ current claims. Say no to war – and no to weapons inspections.