Fight This Generation

A few random thoughts on last night’s “Rock the Vote” “debate,” which I admittedly watched with a couple of sheets to the wind:

1) My generation could not think its way out of gossamer handcuffs.

2) Playing “The Times They Are A-Changin'” at youth forum in 2003 = playing Helen Kane at youth forum in 1968.

3) All I can say for Dean, Moseley-Braun, Lieberman, and Sharpton is that they didn’t stoop to fashion-pandering.

4) Given the historical illiteracy of college students, I was surprised to learn that more were interested in Ft. Sumter than in Fallujah.

5) John Edwards’ character was forged in the crucible of fraternity hazing.

6) Despite looking as if he got lost on the way to a Happy Days version of a beatnik happening, Dennis Kucinich was the only decent human being on stage. He doesn’t stand a chance.

7) You’ll want to have your passport in order by Jan. 20, 2005.