Canadians: Bush Lied

Canadians overwhelmingly believe US President George W. Bush lied to justify the Iraq war and their own government was wise to stay out of the conflict, according to a new poll published Monday.

The poll, conducted by Ipsos-Reid for the newspaper the Globe and Mail and Canadian Television (CTV),showed that 67 percent of adult Canadians agreed with the statement that Bush “knowingly lied to the world to justify his war with Iraq” a year ago.

Moreover, 74 percent of the poll respondents said the Canadian government made the right decision by not joining the US-led coalition that invaded Iraq.

The poll suggests that most Canadians are pessimistic about the chances of democracy ever taking root in the Middle East.

The poll conducted last week shows a sharp increase in the percentage of Canadians who think the United States made a mistake in going to war. Sixty three percent now say the United States blundered, compared with 47 percent who felt that way when polled last December.

People in countries that stayed out of Bush’s illegal, immoral invasion feel far more secure than those who live in , as Billmon put it, the Coalition of the Progressively Less Willing.