Pogrom, not “clashes”

Media reports coming from Kosovo uniformly refer to what is going on as “inter-ethnic violence” or “clashes.” That is nothing but a transparent attempt to spin the situation and pin the blame anywhere but on the real culprits: Albanian mobs, organized and instigated by the KLA.
Since June 1999, Kosovo has not seen “clashes” or even “fighting,” but a systematic, one-sided persecution of Serbs, Turks, Roma, Goranci and generally all non-Albanians by the KLA-dominated Albanian regime, operating under UN/NATO protection. You need two sides for a fight of any kind; everything else is just a massacre. And ever since June 1999, there’s only been one side with the ability to do so – the KLA.
What is currently happening in the occupied province is a coordinated, premeditated pogrom.

One UN administrator who was evacuated from the rampaging mobs in Gnjilane (U.S. occupation sector!) called yesterday’s rampage “Kristallnacht” – a reference to the Nazis’ night of destruction aimed at Germany’s Jews. Would the agencies have called that “inter-ethnic violence” or “clashes”?