The Logical Next Step

There’s one liberventionist argument that practically every Iraq war supporter uses– that by establishing a democratic, pluralistic society in Iraq, we plant the germ for the entire Arab/Muslim/oppressed/backwards world. With the current mayhem in Iraq and its disintegration into a pluralistic hell of warring ethnic, religious, and political factions, even some of the most cement-skulled warbots are sniffing reality. The logical next step for them is to invert the original formula as follows: How can a democratic, pluralistic Iraq develop while surrounded by tyrants and fanatics on all sides? I’d file that under Things They Should Have Thought About Before Invading, but you can bet they won’t. Their plan to solve all the world’s problems by fixing Iraq will quietly morph into the plan to fix Iraq by solving all the world’s problems.

Granted, the vanguard of the War Party has been calling for such a full-on clash of civilizations all along. Now watch as the mainstream liberventionists join in.