Gloves Off

Glenn Reynolds contemplates nuclear annihilation with a chuckle. There is no longer any excuse for any decent person, much less libertarian, to associate with this vile SOB. I realize that the appellations “decent” and “libertarian” don’t in any way describe most of the folks on this list, but if Kos is a monster who must be de-linked, then what can one say of “Kill ’em all” Glenn?

I’m not one of these “evil evil evil” simpletons; Reynolds certainly advocates many evil things, but if he ever wrote anything interesting, I could see keeping him blogrolled. Hey, some people read Mein Kampf for its insights into propaganda. But lifting huge chunks from the same people day in and day out (Jarvis, Steyn, Sullivan, Frum) and appending “indeed” or “this strikes me as a good thing” to the end is hardly indispensable commentary.