Mystery Man…revealed

Hidden under an obscure photo on Yahoo! News, one finds this interesting fact:

    An anonymous note slipped under a superior’s door by a part-time soldier from Pennsylvania triggered the Iraq prison abuse scandal now engulfing the US military and administration.

Any reader with more information, please email us.

UPDATE: 5/7/04, 9:00pm EST

Ask and you shall receive

The AFP reports:

    The act eventually catapulted the name of Joseph Darby, a 24-year-old reservist in the 372nd Military Police Company, from comfortable obscurity to the floor of Congress where he was praised Friday by Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for his “honorable” conduct.

    Darby’s act ironically led to the deluge of Democratic calls for Rumsfeld to resign.

    An article in New Yorker magazine this week identified Darby as the soldier who sounded the alarm over the treatment of Iraqi detainees in Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison.

Thanks to readers M. Evans, J. Avery and George.