Death Total Tops 800

Another grim milestone was reached on Sunday with the deaths of two more American soldiers in Iraq. Despite the recent American pullout, the deaths occurred in the city of Fallujah, bringing the death total above 800. UPI reports:

    Two U.S. soldiers were killed and five others were wounded Sunday in a suicide attack near the city of Fallujah, in Western Iraq.

    Iraqi sources said a suicide bomber drove a booby-trapped car into an American military column near Fallujah, 30 miles (50 kilometers) west of Baghdad.

    They said the attack was immediately followed by mortar fire directed at the same convoy, killing and injuring the soldiers.

As of Monday, the Department of Defense listed 797 American military deaths [pdf] in Iraq. Our count was in line with the military’s until a few weeks ago and the discrepency is still undetermined. We are, however, confident in our numbers.

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