Brahimi: Bremer a “dictator”

Dexter Filkins writes:

Asked about the selections of the prime minister and the president, which became divisive decisions, he alluded to the role of L. Paul Bremer 3rd, the chief American administrator here.
“The government of Iraq, I sometimes say – I’m sure he doesn’t mind my saying it – Bremer is the dictator of Iraq,” Brahimi said. “He has the money. He has the signature. Nothing happens without his agreement in this country.”
Brahimi did not get into details, although people close to him suggested last week that he had reluctantly agreed to the selection of Iyad Alawi as prime minister only after U.S. officials had pushed him.

Gee whiz, I’m so surprised that Bremer interfered after all.

InstaMonger calls it a “Diplomatic Success” to “sucker” the UN. If the ham-fisted “diplomacy” exercised by Bremer is an example, it’s no wonder the US has no allies and is despised worldwide.