Saudi “Terrorists” long gone before “rescue”

saudicommandosWell, well. The Religious Policeman was right.

Saudi Elite Forces capture Terrorists

Well, only one actually. Three others escaped, as they always do, because that is how it is foretold in the old prophesy from the Sage of Riyadh

“Tho’ many be surrounded,
and the surrounding be complete,
all shall escape
but the one with bad feet”.

I’ve now seen the footage of their assault on the building in Alkhobar, getting out of the helicopter. Well I must have missed a bit, when they first threw out their Zimmer frames. I thought it was absolutely scandalous. I was always taught that it was good manners to help infirm or old people out of a vehicle. Yet there they were, having to struggle out of that chopper all by themselves, nobody to lend a hand, poor old dears. Suppose one of them dropped their teeth on the ground – with their eyesight, they could spend all day looking. I thought for a moment that I’d spotted my old Grandmother, I thought “She’ll kick the sh*t out of those terrorists, no trouble”, but sadly she was snoozing in the next room. It’s a good job there was an invalid elevator fitted in that building, otherwise they’d still be up on the roof even now.

There are many theories as to how the three escaped, and indeed whether they departed hours before the helicopter appeared.

From the New York Times:

The tipping point came when Mr. Johnston, a 59-year-old Texan, learned that three of the four terrorists who attacked the Oasis Residential Resorts and other Western targets in Khobar and killed 22 people had eluded capture.

The attackers managed to escape during a confused moment and shoot their way through the weakest checkpoint, guarded by just two police cars, a Saudi official said. They were long gone by the time commandos landed on the roof at dawn.