American kidnapped in Riyadh


A photo of U.S. engineer Paul M. Johnson is posted on a Web site yesterday along with a claim by Al Qaeda to have kidnapped him.

Saudis described as Al Qaeda militants have kidnapped one American and claim to have killed another in the same operation.

In a statement posted on Sawt al Jihad Islamist web site, Al Qaeda militants identify the kidnapped American as Paul Marshal Johnson from New Jersey – born on May 8, 1955 – and a specialist in Apache helicopters.

“The Mujahidoun were able in the same operation to kill another American working as a manager in the military sector,” said the statement signed by the “Al Qaeda Organisation in the Arabian Peninsula”.

“They stalked him and then killed him inside his home,” it said.
In a statement, the Mujahidoun displayed a copy of the passport of the American it kidnapped, his Saudi driving licence and his business card, which showed he worked for Lockheed Martin as a systems engineer and site manager.

It said he was one of four top engineers specialising in developing Apache helicopters.

Further, the kidnappers’ statement says that they reserve the right to treat this American captive as the Americans treated their brothers in Abu Ghraib.

“It is not a secret that these planes have long been used by the Americans and their Zionist allies and the apostates in killing Muslims, terrorising and displacing them in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq,” the statement said.

“The Mujahidoun in the Arab Peninsula reserve the legitimate right to deal with the Americans in the same way to avenge what the Americans did to our brothers in Abu Ghraib prison [in Iraq] and Guantanamo,” the statement said in reference to images of US soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners.

The famously competent Saudi police who have not arrested any of the perpetrators of any of the attacks in the past few months (except one who was wounded so they had to take him), are “combing Riyadh” looking for the kidnapped American.