Sibel Edmonds Responds to Suit Dismissal

Regarding the dismissal of her suit against the FBI, whistleblower Sibel Edmonds sends this along:

    They are fighting it relentlessly all right! Now, this can be used to continue the gag on Congress, the quashing of any subpoenas for my deposition, and to prevent my information from appearing on the 9/11 Commission and DOJ-IG’s reports.

    The US District Court for the District of Columbia (Judge Reggie Walton) today dismissed my lawsuit on grounds of national security and the State Secret Privilege. The government had invoked the rarely used (though often used by the Bush Administration) state secrets privilege.

    This decision comes in the immediate aftermath of the FBI/DOJ reclassifying information to serve its litigation advantage.

    “The decision today represents another example of the Executive Branch’s abusive nature of using secrecy as a weapon against Whistleblowers,” said Mark S. Zaid, my attorney. “It is quite disappointingly evident that accountability is no longer a word in our Government’s dictionary,” he added. An immediate appeal is planned.

    We reserved a room at National Press Club for my press conference: ‘Peter Lisagor’ room, at National Press Club, 13th floor, 529 14th Street, Washington, DC, for this Thursday, July 8, at 1:00PM. I will be accompanied by Mark Zaid, and most likely POGO’s attorneys.

UPDATE: Here’s a pdf of the decision.