More Outright Lies from Your Hometown Military Predator

I tell them straight up. Miami is the biggest war zone we’ve got,’ he said. ‘Every time you turn on the TV we see someone shot.’ Bass uses simple figures. Nine people from southern Florida have died in Iraq, compared with 338 murders in the Florida region last year: ‘They have a better chance in the army than on the streets of Miami.’

No you shady pig, you LIE straight up to people not sharp enough to do the math.

338 “murders” (in quotes because most are most likely the result of membership in some kind of gang organization) out of population of 16,713,149 (Florida in 2002) gives me a death ratio of 1:49,447. I have no idea how many troops in Iraq are from South Florida, but since there are about 135,000 troops there from the US, and then taking into account the population of South Florida, but then also the general absence of patriotism in Miami — well, American patriotism, anyway (yeeees, I’m from there) — let’s guess there are around 7000 troops from South Florida in Iraq. That gives us a 1:777 death ratio for South Floridians in Iraq. Even if there are 20,000 troops in Iraq from SoFlo, that still gives us 1:2222 death ratio. So there’s roughly between 22 and 63 times better chance that some Floridian, mostly likely a gang thug, will get their ass shot off in Iraq than Florida. The number skyrockets when we’re talking about normal people who aren’t criminals.

Death waits in Iraq. But the recruiters don’t care, they’ll pump the propaganda machine and get their bonuses; make another mark on the wall as they send another recruit to their death or their more likely mutilation or mental scarring. The State and its armies want you to sacrifice your life to their glory. And they’ll get you with lies, boys and girls. Outright, obvious, glaring lies.

(If any of my math is wrong, please tell me and I’ll post an embarrassed correction.)