An Army of Fun?

Some Soldiers Seem to Be Enjoying the Whole ‘Killing’ Thing a Little Too Much

“I enjoy killing Iraqis,” says Staff Sgt. William Deaton, 30, who killed a hostile fighter the night before. Deaton has lost a good friend in Iraq. “I just feel rage, hate when I’m out there. I feel like I carry it all the time. We talk about it. We all feel the same way.”

Disturbed yet?

Thats from an article in the LA Times. That’s not just some random crazy guy either, that’s a person that the United States government felt it would be a good idea to hand a gun to and send to an occupied nation as a ‘peacekeeper’. And at least in his opinion that’s how they all feel.

Then, just like everything else nowadays, they blame video games for desensitizing these people to violence. Now either they are vastly overestimating the power of Super Mario Bros., or they are vastly underrating a normal human being’s aversion to killing others.

I play video games, lots of them… and killing Iraqis doesn’t sound remotely enjoyable. I’ve got news for you people: If Splinter Cell makes you thirst for the blood of Iraqis, you had some major problems to begin with.

Just the kind of problems that make you perfect for running some Iraqi prison, or patroling the streets of Baghdad, apparently.