No neocons need apply

David Frum is complaining about a sign posted prominently outside the entrance to the Department of State — No Neocons Need Apply:

“The story is going around Washington that Senate Foreign Relations chairman Richard Lugar handed Condoleezza Rice a list of names of ‘neocons’ he wanted blacklisted from the Department of State and that Rice assented.”

Thrilling, if true. The war the neocons wanted is proving to be their undoing, and it isn’t just the Democrats in Congress who are sickened by the fact that these hornets are still buzzing around the picnic table, diving at scraps. A good dose of bug-repellant is sorely needed.

How long will it be, I wonder, before Senator Lugar finds himself under attack for once having eaten a falafel with ties to terrorist groups, or it is suddenly discovered that Condi is a secret member of the Nation of Islam?