Stephen Schwartz — a lyrical biography

Editorial Note: For those curious to know a few biographical details about Stephen Schwartz (and see below), here is a great little poem that appeared on a Sufi discussion site around the time of the Kosovo war. All the links are inserted by myself:


Who is this person, this man Stephen Schwartz?
a question that’s asked by all manner and sorts

A trade union man who ne’er mastered a trade
Or a man of the sea, who not one voyage made

An agent of anarchy in a radical cell
Merely playing a role for a story to sell

His passions confined to wars already lost
To bleed for beliefs? far too high a cost

With blood still being spilled for poor people’s fate
He chose the Spanish revolt, half-century too late

All ongoing struggles and fighting and killing
Were sidestepped with care by this warrior unwilling

Devoid of real courage and anarchist zest
He waged his revolt from the Cafe Trieste

No explosions nor death, desert heat, jungle rains
Just Latte’s, Biscottis, and hemorroidal pains

Comrade Sandalio walked away from the causes
An insurgent impotent, he obeyed all the lawses

But a new calling leapt from deep in his soul
To pen biographique for whom the bell tolls

At the obituary desk in the heart of the city
Steve’s secret life, just like Walter Mitty

While cutting and pasting details of the dead
To a war-ravaged land his fantasy led

Overnight, so it seems, a New Cause did emerge
Convert to Islam! An irrepressible urge!

Cartoon-like comb-over, ellipsoidal bod
Strange creature indeed, Suleyman ben Ahmad

Fake revolutionary? No, no, not any more
Now a make-believe journalist, bound for the war!

And Steve’s new religion and peaceful dictate
Caused nary a pause in his spreading of hate

We now see the dream of this red diaper boy
To preach war on TV is his true pride and joy

And no hawk so fierce, on the left or the right
As one calling for War once he’s too old to fight

But, balding and bitter, Schwartz did what he can
To wage holy war ‘gainst beloved Islam

Stephen’s Black Book of Bad Men, those who plot and deceive
Was it scripted for Ahmad in old Tel Aviv?

A self-proclaimed Sufi peddling Sharon’s agenda

He tiptoes the high wire as if born a Wallenda

He’s rejected your culture; he’s mocked it for years
Now he calls for your sons to shed blood, sweat and tears

Before waging a war from this charlatan’s teaching
Look up His Own History and what he’s been preaching

And there you will find amidst all of the rubble
A life of Great Causes…

but none worth your trouble.

Mustafa Fazool
California Big Wave Sufi

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