Here’s to Neocon Fratricide

Over at Frontpagemag, where rejected submissions to National Review and the Weekly Standard go to die of embarrassment, Stephen Schwartz is on the attack again. Today, the daft little porcupine has his quills aimed at one Julia Gorin (no favorite of yours truly) for testifying to what anyone with eyes can see: the Serbs were victims of a US/NATO terror campaign that empowered Muslim terrorists in Kosovo. Along the way, Schwartz makes sure to get in an obligatory dig at

    Ms. Gorin quotes “Balkan-based journalist Chris Deliso [who] wrote last year for, ‘Kosovo – with its porous borders, fundamentalist minority, criminal underbelly and proximity to the rest of Europe – is a perfect hiding place.’” Christopher Deliso is not a serious journalist, but a columnist at Dennis Raimondo’s website.

Doesn’t he ever get bored of this shtick? Anyway, while we at are looking forward to Schwartz’s continuing demonization of a fellow Frontpager – we’re all for intra-neocon cannibalism – Ms. Gorin really has nothing to worry about. Schwartz has made himself a laughingstock already this week by threatening (for the second time) to sue for using hyperlinks.

But if Ms. Gorin would really like to lay into Schwartz with her savage “wit,” I suggest she investigate Schwartz’s flaky curriculum vitae, which stumbles from Trotskyite to pseudo-beatnik to “Sufi master” to … well, unclassifiable weirdness.

A quick search of Google, which is fast becoming Schwartz’s worst enemy, reveals some interesting nuggets, such as Schwartz’s participation in this nutty forum. (Google the e-mail addresses [which appears in Schwartz’s correspondence with us, as well as his TCS bio] and Here’s the Sufi mystic sounding scholarly:

    The fact that Big Chief Genocidal Anthro Fuck the Natives in the Ass and Then Kill Them While You Fake Academic Arguments Snot Littledick has to publish his fecal notes in UFO Magazine says it all, except what more needs to be said about him, which is a hell of a lot.

Oooohkay. Here he is writing about some other weirdo of his acquaintance:

    Where in the world does a sewer rat like Hick Nerdbutt have a following except among the biker queens of Booger Creek, who are in love with his rectum?

Remember: Schwartz is NOT a fringe neoconservative. He is a frequent contributor to Fox News, the Weekly Standard, and National Review.

Good luck, Ms. Gorin!