Israel’s Amen Corner silent on AIPAC-Franklin spy scandal

Michelle Malkin has not one but two posts on the stunning silence emanating from the right wing of the “blogosphere” when it comes to the Larry Franklin-AIPAC spy caper. She writes:

“So far, the commentariat and blogosphere (both left and right sides) have been curiously quiet about the news that Pentagon official Larry Franklin was arrested for improperly passing classified information to AIPAC.”

She then goes on to cite “colleagues I respect and admire” who are “downplaying” Franklin’s treason. Why, even the New York Sun is “continuing to pooh-pooh” Franklin’s alleged actions.

I have news for Malkin: the New York Sun is to Israel what the Daily Worker was to the old Soviet Union.

Is that really such a big secret?

If you follow the links in Malkin’s post, you discover that those “colleagues” she “respects and admire” are none other than two of the biggest apologists for Israel on the American Right: David Frum and Joel Mowbray.

Malkin finds “the apologists and apathetic” to be “troubling,” but she ought to wake up and smell the friggin’ coffee — the so-called “conservative” movement has been functioning as Israel’s amen corner in the U.S. for quite some time now, and that she finds this troubling shows that she’s just not paying attention.

When it comes to the Franklin affair, we hear not a peep out of the usually loquacious Instapundit; the cat seems to have got Roger L. Simon‘s tongue; someone pulled the plug on Powerline, David Horowitz & Co. have nothing to say, and even Charles Johnson, the failed musician who has now taken up hate-mongering over at “Little Green Footballs” — usually barking at the moon at the least provocation — is maintaining an embarrassed silence about a spy who sold out America for Israel.

What gets me is that these are the same people who have the nerve to bray about “patriotism” — and habitually condemn others as less than loyal to this country. But only when it suits their political agenda.