Real Liberalism Resurging in UK?

This guy thinks so:

    If the negative reaction it has incurred from both right and left is any indication, the LibDems’ distinctly liberal message seems to be paying off. The Conservative-friendly Telegraph has felt it necessary to editorialize to its readership that the LibDems aren’t sincere in their embrace of the market. George Monbiot, columnist for the lefty Guardian, warns left wingers that a vote for the LibDems will not only signal opposition to the war in Iraq and the Labour government’s abysmal record on civil liberties, but they will also be a vote “for the further deregulation of business.” And when the BBC’s website pondered where the LibDems stand in this election, it threw up its hands: “The question of whether the Lib Dems are now to the left of Labour is in the eye of the beholder.” …

    Under Kennedy’s watch, a Liberal Democrat party that positions itself as the lone defenders of English civil liberty and peace, while unabashedly embracing a market economy, has scored phenomenal by-election upsets, snatching away safe Labour-held seats once thought to be impregnable. He sounds like a sincere convert. In a Guardian profile, Kennedy summons language to explicate his party’s core values that would stir any Classical Liberal heart: “The first guiding principle is a mindset, I think—a gut philosophical instinct—to see society in terms of the individual, first and foremost, rather than the interests of the state.”

Hear, hear!