Contra Reynolds: Instapundit Goes Soft on Terrorism

His High-and-Mightiness, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame, was soooo pissed off that I blogged his endorsement of contra terrorism that he gave a free blog ad to “Contra Cafe,” an outfit selling coffee, t-shirts, and perhaps old atrocity pictures now that these former Somocistas are out of the assassination and drug-dealing business:

“Yes, that’s a blogad for Contra CafĂ© over on the right. But they didn’t buy it in response to my post — I gave ’em a freebie after seeing the folks at go crazy over my earlier mention of them. I should’ve held out for a free t-shirt, at least.”

Naturally Reynolds doesn’t provide a link to our critique of his contra-enthusiasm — that might expose his readers to our eeeeeeeeeeevil thoughts. Just like his contra friends, who tortured women and sneaked around blowing up cooperatives and assassinating their political enemies — sound familiar? — Reynolds has the moral sensibilities of the administration hacks he defends — many of whom, not coincidentally, were active during the 1980s pushing the contra cause.