Iraq’s Nonexistent WMD — Who Knew?

Arianna Huffington rightly descries the New York Time”s mea culpa for excusing Judith Miller from pushng fiction disguised as journalism: Miller claims that everybody thought Iraq was hiding WMD. Er, not quite, Arianna points out: she then details a few stories from the Washington Post and the New York Times from 2003 expressing some skepticism, and asks her readers for nominations to the “honor role” of those who defied the conventional wisdom. Okay, here goes:

The Myth of the Saddam Bomb,, February 2, 2001.

Saddam and the Man From U.N.C.L.E. — How they lie: journalism and the art of fiction,, February 26, 2001.

The Fix Is In — Phony Iraq war ‘hearings’ – more propaganda for the War Party ,, July 31, 2002.

There ya go, Arianna dah-link ….

There’s more in the archives. But I’m too lazy to look .(hey, it’s 11 p.m.) …