Miller vs. Fitzgerald: Place your bets

Newsweek, in an article highlighting the animosity of many NY Times staffers to Stenographer to Power Judith Miller, ends the short piece with this intriguing little insight into Miller’s reaction to her pariah status:

But Miller is, for now at least, standing firm. Late last week she told NEWSWEEK she had every intention of returning to work. She also did some digging of her own. “Are you hearing anything about Fitzgerald?” she asked, before quickly hanging up.
What an amusing spectacle. Judy – cornered, discredited, and widely detested even by her ostensible colleagues – has delusions of dishing dirt on Fitzgerald, despite the fact that she will almost certainly be a guest, once again, in his courtroom? The Bushista talking-point phrase “divorced from reality” springs to mind.

I wonder if Judy has considered that this first impulse of smearing adversaries, so typical of her and the Bush Administration crowd she hangs with, is what got them into this mess to begin with. Some people never learn.