Nancy Pelosi: The Shame of San Francisco

Profiles in cowardice:

“A close ally, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, was anxious to open a second axis of attack on Iraq—and was aware of his growing antagonism toward the war. The two met and agreed that he would make his case in private to the party conference. After that, on his own, he would introduce a resolution calling for withdrawal of troops from Iraq ‘at the earliest practicable date.’ Pelosi and the other liberals would keep their distance, while their own Marine charged up the Hill.”

In spite of the pro-Pelosi spin given by Newsweek, this contemptible cowardice on the Democratic House leader’s part makes me ashamed to be a San Franciscan. While Pelosi — who shows up to constituent meetings in $10,000 outfits, bedecked in jewels like some Oriental potentate — keeps her distance, she vicariously gets to enjoy the embarrassment of the Bushies, as she scotches any vote on Murtha’s pro-withdrawal resolution in the House Democratic caucus.

Aside from that, she has yet to apologize to her constituents for voting to endorse the invasion of Iraq. As Stephen Zunes, a professor of political science at the University of San Francisco, points out:

“The day the war broke out in March, San Francisco’s downtown business district was shut down by thousands of anti-war protesters in a spontaneous act of massive civil disobedience. In response, Pelosi denounced the protesters and rushed to the defense of President George W. Bush, voting in favor of a resolution declaring the House of Representatives’ ‘unequivocal support and appreciation to the president …for his firm leadership and decisive action.’ She personally pressed a number of skeptical Democratic lawmakers to support the resolution as well.”

When oh when will the City by the Bay wake up and demand some answers from their Congresswoman?

Meanwhile, this immoral and disgusting war goes on, and we have to continue living in a Bizarro World where phosphorous isn’t a chemical weapon — except when it is.

Send Pelosi and the cowardly Democrats a message: give her a call, and ask her when she’s going to acquire a backbone: 202-225-4965