Ever Consider a Letter to the Editor?

There is no excusing the Muslim mobs who have used or threatened violence in response to the infamous Danish cartoons. Period. If that’s not immediately apparent to everyone, Messrs. Cavanaugh and Parris should help out.

One of the many galling aspects of this display of mass imbecility is the smugness it affords our own violent wackos in the West – for instance, those civilized gents who want to bomb al-Jazeera into submission for its “hate speech.” (If you think I’m talking about obscure bloggers, think again.) America’s wackos hate free speech, too, though they’re less enthusiastic than their Muslim counterparts about getting their own hands dirty – at least for now. A few months ago, one of David Horowitz’s goons was kind enough to provide us with a glimpse into the collective psyche of America’s brownshirts, who are apparently itching to let it all hang out:

    Expect heavily armed and infuriated conservatives to launch a cleansing war against the traitors. The armed will mow down the mostly unarmed segments, especially those elements that devoted forty-plus years to anti-American hatred to destroy this country. Should the likes of Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Michael Moore, Ward Churchill, Dennis Raimondo, et al. act out their sedition in a just-nuked America, expect their bodies to be found shot full of holes. Expect gun battles at banks, food stores, ATMs, gas stations, and outside hospitals. Leftist professors will be strung up. It will be every man, woman, and child for themselves.

You know, sending a rabid rant to Backtalk would be much easier, but whatever, dudes. Just please point that gun somewhere else as you lecture us on the sanctity of unfettered speech, OK?