A Night on the Town

Bloomberg reports:“The U.S. pledged $30 million in aid to help war-ravaged Lebanon avert a humanitarian crisis as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in Israel to confer with leaders after a surprise visit to Beirut. The U.S. will contribute the money to a United Nations relief fund and will also immediately supply 100,000 medical kits, 20,000 blankets and 2,000 plastic sheet rolls, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Welch told reporters traveling with Rice.”

What a night on the town this is shaping up to be: The Israelis will dine out at the Café Beirut, have a nightcap at Club Syria, camp out at the plush 5-star Iranian Inn – and we’ll get the bill. $30 million up front – and much more as the Israeli rampage continues. It’s a sweet deal for them, and a rotten deal for us. Hasn’t it always been?