Dan Ephron

Failing Our Wounded: Government throws used soldiers away

Newsweek‘s Dan Ephron discusses his story “Failing Our Wounded” about the neglect of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed medical center and overall failures of the V.A..

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Dan Ephron is a national security correspondent for Newsweek.

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  1. I found article "How to Stop New Settlements in Israel" by Dan Ephron and Joanna Chen.
    The authors discussed how steal Israel land and eventually eliminate Israel from the map. Profound ignorans of these two idiots in ME history, UN documents, and International Law is astonishing. Obviously, they have no credible highschool education and their knowledge in the subject is based on "street-popular" crap, they created. More over, they don't familiar with US history. They live on the land stolen from American Indians. According to American and International Laws, they are thieves. American ancestors exterminated almost entire Indian Population, the rest americans put in concentration camps "reservations". That is what makes these "journalists" close friends to palestinian islamofascists.,

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