The Power of the Israel Lobby: See the Video

Don’t miss this one: A Dutch documentary (in English) on “Portrait of a Great Taboo: The Power of the Israel Lobby in the United States,” featuring John J. Mearsheimer, Tony Judt, Michael Massing, Larry Wilkerson (!), Daniel Levy, and Richard Perle pretending to be a human being for some sinister counterpoint. I particularly liked Wilkerson on the reasons for the Iraq war: no, it wasn’t oil, it wasn’t those elusive “weapons of mass destruction,” nor was it spreading “democracy” (eh, no kidding!): it was all about the neocons. And Judt has a fascinating analysis of the simultaneous rise of the Lobby and identity politics. Plus great production values, and moody, foreboding music that really sets the right tone. Very effective: check it out.