Illegals, not refugees

After two days of misleading the public about the identity of four Albanians arrested on charges of plotting an attack on Ft. Dix, the mainstream media finally found their roots – but only to try and pull another Sulejman-Talovic-style turnabout and make the Duka brothers “poor victims” of… well, something. Maybe evil Serbs again, even though the Dukas had no contact with Serbia whatsoever. Then again, neither had Talovic.

It turns out the Dukas came from Debar, a small town in western Macedonia, and are actually not Kosovo Albanians. AP reporter Garentina Kraja – who got her start covering (for) the KLA – pulled together statements from Kosovo “prime minister” Agim Ceku and Dukas’ relatives to make sure the point gets across: Albanians worship America, therefore they could not have possibly been involved in a plot to mean it harm.

Whether they worshiped America or not, the Duka brothers were not Kosovo Albanian refugees, had not been involved with the KLA (except perhaps to give mandatory “donations” to its financiers in the 1990s), and had not passed through Ft. Dix in 1999. Agron Abdullahu has – which means that there are plenty of valid questions about the man who made jokes about his “Uncle Benny” despite Uncle Sam’s support for his cause in the Balkans.

Much like Florin Krasniqi, another famous Albanian “roofer” (as well as weapons smuggler and fundraiser), the Dukas came to the U.S. illegally in “1986 or 1987,” according to their relatives. How is it possible that they have managed to live and work in New Jersey for twenty years without being caught?

No doubt, many who come into this country on the sly wish only to live a life even slightly better than the crushing poverty of their homelands; that doesn’t somehow excuse them from having to obey the law. But how many of those who sneak into the United States under the cover of darkness mean this country ill?

According to their relatives, the Duka brothers “had grown long beards and had become more devoted to Islam.” And these are ethnic Albanians, mind you, who are supposed to be the most pro-American people in the Balkans. If that is not a terrifying thought, I don’t know what is.