I Get Letters: A Good Idea

A great letter from a reader:

“Upon reading your article, ‘The Politico’s Brazen Lies About Ron Paul‘, I came upon the idea that what the American political world needs is a website where us simpletons can keep track of who the bad guys are. I am not trying to be cute. I mean this in all sincerity.

“For example, the author of the above-mentioned piece could be listed as a traitor against human thought and freedom as well as a liar and shill for unseen powers. We could include a list of indictments against his character with links to online resources ‘proving’ the charges.”

What a great idea! A web site devoted to the exposure of human evil. And one that names names — excellent! The only problem with The Politico piece, however, is that the author chose to remain anonymous. Smear artists are such cowards.

UPDATE: Ooops! I must be going blind: the culprit’s name is at the bottom of The Politico’s blog post, and a reader sends in this bio:

Daniel W. Reilly, a staff writer, comes to Politico from the Washington Bureau of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Prior to that, he worked as a reporter for The Trinidad Guardian newspaper on the island of Trinidad and Tobago . He holds a B.A. from The University of Wisconsin and a M.A. from The George Washington University. He was a Fulbright Scholar on the island of Trinidad in 2003-04.”

Is there any way we can send this guy back to Trinidad and Tobago?