Scott Horton

Debunking the War Party’s Lies About Iran


Scott Horton, assistant editor at and director of the radio project, debunks the War Party’s excuses for war with Iran.

MP3 here. (21:06)

Scott Horton is an assistant editor at and is the director of Antiwar Radio. Check out his blog, Stress.

6 thoughts on “Scott Horton”

  1. Why doesn’t someone do something to stop Bush and neocons? Aren’t there enough patriots in the Pentagon to do something? Why don’t millions march on Washington, waving hemp? Our first Republican killed federalism, our last seems determined to destroy America.

  2. The key is Karl Rove, Bill Canary, Leura Canary, & the rightwing railroading of Bob Siegelman in Alabama.
    This is a glaring example & naked proof of Karl Rove’s manipulation of Federal Attorneys & corruption of the judicial
    Most important: this screams for a re-examination of cases where Karl Rove may have perverted the judicial process.

    Which points to a ocean of lies regarding the DEMOCRATIC IDEALS baby Bush & co. claim to represent in IRAQ/IRAN.
    a utter con-job at best. a evangelical final solution in less generous respects.

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