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  1. I just watched this clown on cspan give his spiel, it was like watching a train wreck. This guy is very obviously a complete fraud. Its amazing he had a book published and so many people are missing enough chromosomes to buy it…but then again when this pathological liar is mirroring all of the evil government james bond fantasy the liberals want so desperately to believe I guess it isn’t that surprising. Jesse “welcome to wendy’s, how may I take your order” MacBeth comes to mind.

    I am seriously looking forward for this guy getting exposed as the bulls**t artist he is now that he is garnering more public attention.

  2. Mike

    What is your justification for calling Roland Haas a bulls**t artist? Just how is it so obvious to you that he is a complete fraud? You don’t have to like him but thst doesn’t make him a bulls**t artist. Give me some facts.

    Your throwing in liberals, James Bond, Wendy’s etc has me thoroughly cocnfused. What are you trying to say?

  3. I also saw mr. haas on c-span today. i will admit that i had a certain amount of skepticism regarding some of his statements.
    (1) i can’t believe the cia didn’t jump all over him for publishing. (see “decent interval” from a few years back.)
    (2) true, he didn’t seem to manifest much emotion.
    (3) i don’t doubt for one minute that such actions are carried out. but, as he said, war aint pretty. never has been, never will be. it is dirty, bloody, and must be dealt with on that level. i am sure that paul and re have never been in the trenches, lived in an occupied land, or been persecuted for their beliefs. people fought and died for their right to express themselves. thank a vet.

  4. Hi Jim

    Roland didn’t ask the CIA’s permission. A friend of his, a retired Lt Colonel, who wrote the book about the White Tigers (I believe it was from the Korean war), sought permission to write his book and it was denied. He finally wrote it anyhow, and he advised Roland to go ahead and write his story without asking for permission.

    Roland says he hasn’t heard from the CIA since his book has been published. He says the CIA had three choices: They could say Roland was crazy; they could say what Roland relates never happened (unfortunately Roland has passports and other material that proves he was in those countries during the time he mentions); or the CIA could just benignly ignore him. Apparently they are going along with the third choice.

    Another reason the CIA probably has no problem with Roland’s book, this past year they did come out and admit they had been involved in some overseas clandestine activities. Secondly, Roland doesn’t reveal any CIA activities that are still top secret. He doesn’t want to put others in danger

    Roland wouldn’t have done the things he did if he hadn’t thought his assignments were for the good of his country. He was very patriotic and had wanted to be a marine but was sidetracked from that plan when the CIA recruited him.

    Some people wear their emotions on their sleeves. I’m one of those types, but Roland is not. If you read his book, you’ll understand why he became so stoic. No matter what people think, Roland has strong feelings that he doesn’t easily show.

    Although Roland’s not ashamed of what he did for our country, he’s only human and not the murderous machine that some like to make him out to be. He was haunted by his past experiences just as many soldiers are traumatized by what they have had to do in war time. Memories of those experiences, of the people involved, caused him to have a physical, emotional and mental breakdown.

    Roland did not write the book to glorify himself. The sub-title “My Secret Life as a CIA Assassin” was chosen by the publisher. Roland wrote it for his kids and his relatives. If you read Roland’s book, you’ll understand why.

    1. Terry, Haas is a total fraud simply because he cannot answer even basic questions about anything regarding that line of work. He does work for the government, that is true, but he was never, ever, a covert operative; let alone an “assassin”.

      He cannot hide around the “its classified” line that posers love to hide behind. He can provide documentation that he was in countries at particular times, but that proves nothing other than he was in a country. Haas is a liar, and he wrote a book to make some money, which is fine, but he should have been honest and wrote this book as fiction; which is precisely what it is.

      When questioned by people who work in the very departments that he claims to have worked in, he cannot answer any of their questions about the most basic things. Despite what you may think, these people are not ghosts, they exist in real life; and many people know them. They can speak, and socialize, and certainly out posers like Haas. Make no mistake, Haas is a poser 100%.

      He came on to a military board to speak about his book where some of the very people he would have worked with reside, and he did nothing but turn tail and run. He would not answer the most basic questions. You might say that it is because he cannot answer any questions, but that is a total false hood. Guys like Haas can fool most of the people most of the time because he had a very SMALL amount of inside information; but he cannot full everyone all the time. This time, he has walked into a hornets nest where the real deals reside, and they are going to show this guy for the fraud that he is.

      Haas is a fraud. He is in Georgia, and there are many people there that would gladly meet him to vette him. But he is too much of a COWARD to do that. Haas is not a warrior, he is not who he says he is; but he is a poser and he is a coward.

  5. indeed, i do intend to read it. i will withhold judgement until i finish it.
    i recently was reminded of an old saying, “imagine there’s a war and nobody shows up.” this was apparently written by bertholt brecht, who was, i understand, a socialist. this was taken out of context. the whole saying, i am told goes like this: “imagine there’s a war and nobody shows up-then war will come to you. who stays home when the battle begins and lets others fight for his cause will share the defeat. not even those will avoid the fight who want to avoid it. because he will fight for the cause of the enemy, who doesn’t fightfor his own cause.” rather poignant, i think, for those who choose to ignore patriotism. those who choose to shrug off pride in self and country, enjoy the freedoms earned by those who who fought the fight, and paid the ultimate price, should say a quick prayer of thanks for those did. irregardless of what some people may think of mr haas credibility, there is no doubt that activities like this go on. we play by the rules of the lowest common denominator. nobody said the usa was perfect. but it is far ahead of whoever is second. freedom isn’t free.

  6. Too all. Many comments are made by thosed who are uninformed and until you have walked in those shoes and traveled where they have been, your should never be accusative. I only heard a portion of Roland talk a few days ago and I intend to read his book for clarifiction of what I thought I heard. I take it that several comments have been made by thoes who have not served their country in time of war, which is another reaon for our ability to free speech. Yes, Freedom is not free. I’ve been there.

  7. Ya’ll have been snowed! The guy is a fraud, his stories are complete fabrications. Not one bit of what he says in his book is real. This guy has been totally discredited. He is a fraud. As much as you may not agree with what the military does, don’t prop up a fraud as one of your proponents, keep things intellectually honest. You would never know who the people are that do this kind of work.Prop him up if you choose to, but you’ll only undermine your own credibility, simply because this man never did any of the things that he says that he has done in this book. If you still choose to hold him up, you will be on the same intellectual, and credibility level as he is; which is in a deep hole.

  8. Anyone whom has had the slightest (and I say slightest) clue about how the Clandestine Services operate can see thru this malarky.
    My easy prediction is Mr. Haas will be exposed as a fraud-very soon. As as matter of fact a little bird just told me :)…easy bait Bulls**t for the predisposed conspiracy crowd. He is a fake and will be exposed as such.

  9. Roland Hass is a pathetic loser, an armchair wannabe. He is not unique; he’s simply a recent addition to a list of thousands of posers who have spun fictional stories about how they survived being a prisoner of war, won the Medal of Honor, became a government assassin, etc.

    One does not need detailed knowledge of how our intelligence services operate to recognize that Haas’s story is nonsense.

    Any reasonably intelligent, moderately well-informed person who is willing to remove his or her ideological blinders and examine Haas’s story with a little common sense and logic should be able to recognize it as the fiction that it is.

    It amuses me to see how easily complete frauds like Haas are able to con ideologues who so fervently wish to believe the worst about our government that they will believe any fiction that satisfies that wish.

    I’m even more amused by the often downright silly arguments ideologues construct to defend their belief of the fiction and their confidence in the credibility of the liar who produced the fiction.

    Haas and others of his ilk view audiences that are receptive to their tall tales as the equivalent of the child in the cereal commercial–tell the story to Mikey, he’ll believe anything.

    Haas must laugh himself silly when he reads the nonsense that his willing marks write in defense of him and his fiction.

  10. Mr. Haas’s story is bulls**t. Complete bulls**t.

    I served 30 years in the Army, retired in 1995. 25 of my 30 years were in Army Intelligence and some of that was in clandestine assignments. I have talked with a couple of old CIA friends of mine who have read Haas’s book — it’s not even good fiction.

  11. Reminds me, I still need to read Confessions of an Economic Hitman. I certainly support war resisters, otherwise look for World War III, and the complete descent into fascism here.

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  13. Listened to Mr Haas on Coast2Coast w/Art Bell, and was compelled to buy the book. Good move on my part…book was very good read! I believe the book is non-fiction and would like to thank Mr Haas for his service to the country. He could have said no, but chose a harder path for a greater good. We owe him a debt of thanks not condemnation.

  14. get real people,i have served in the british army for 12 years now,in various roles,from an infantryman at 16 to my current posting at int corps.according to some sources i have read, this guy is just a part time ops jockey,in your national guard or some shit. this nonsense is disrespectful to the people who go out there and put it on the line for real,james bond is not real,neither is this clown.organisations such as CIA or MI6, our equivalent would not recruit kids as assassins,why go to the trouble of training them in basic skills when they could just recruit from the sf community,its just my personal oppinion,but i think the guy is talking complete bollox.its just a shame that due to security considerations of the people out there for real,this helmet cannot be proved a fraud/

  15. Now that Roland Haas, according to today's news reports (August 25, 2010) supposedly shot himself to death by shooting himself in the upper leg, tearing through his femoral artery and bleeding to death, it makes one think that, after all is said and done, his story may well have been exactly correct. Why? Because by telling what he did, he obviated the CIA and it's secret ("Murder, Inc.," George H. W. Bush, about Operation 40, going all the way back to 1959), assassinations of foreign leaders deemed not friendly to US business interests. Read former House of Representatives Federal Investigator, Gaeton Fonzi's book, "The Last Investigation," about the Congressional investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, fo more about CIA covert operations. They come up with some truly whacked out plots. Like "Operation Northwoods," a plot to use Cuban pilots, flying in re-painted old WW11, bombers, to attack US targets, kill lots of Americans, to get Kennedy to order an attack on Castro's Cuba.

  16. Lots of opinions about this man…hard to know who's right or wrong. We may never really know but within the hour my husband and I will be attending his memorial service. May he Rest in Peace and our condolences to his family.

  17. Just attended the memorial for Roland Haas….may he Rest in Peace and my deepest condolences to his wife, daughter and son. Amazing turn out from those who knew and loved him. There is no doubt he will be missed greatly.

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