Obama Antiwar? No

He might fool the clueless MSM types:

CLINTON, Iowa –On the eastern side of Iowa, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) waved the anti-war flag before a crowd of Democratic supporters on Wednesday, drawing loud applause with his call for American troops to begin leaving Iraq “not in six months or one year. Now.”

But the Netroots aren’t buying it at all:

Obama Is Done

Obama will not lead on Iraq, but worse than that, he will not even address it. A speech that refuses to deal with funding votes in the Senate and residual troops for the President post-2009 is not a statement on Iraq at all. It’s as if I were to ask him if I could borrow his extra umbrella because it’s raining outside, and he were to passionately talk about the need for it to stop raining. He’s just avoiding the subject. And why should I pick Obama if I want someone who avoids the subject? I can get a better version of that in the form of Hillary Clinton. At least she’s honest about not being an incrementalist, instead of bashing DC in speeches while doing nothing to change the culture he’s very much a part of.

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  1. Netroots, Schmetroots. In the final analysis these people will wind up voting for any Democrat the system selects for them. The whole exercise of kvetching about Hillary or Obama does nothing more that afford them the opportunity to feel good about themselves. While certainly true enough, I find the complaints of these so-call system “progressives” utterly inauthentic. Its kind of like sin: Its the action not the thought that’s definitive. And if he’s the nominee, they’ll vote for Obama surely enough, one way or another. Most of them still think that Nader cost Gore the 2000 election, so profoundly are they grasped by the system’s psychology. There’ll be no third party votes in these precincts, guaranteed.

    John Lowell

  2. Many Democrats are crossing over to vote for Ron Paul, because they are truly antiwar. The more Obama and Hillary are exposed for the fakes they are the better.

  3. Watch out for any govt official or candidate saying that they are going to pull “combat” troops out of Iraq. That still leaves tens of thousands of support troops there and in harm’s way, providing an excellent excuse to send the combat troops back in to protect them.

  4. Why did our gov’t reject the peace plan proposed by the newly elected Iraqi Parliament? It included an agreement with the Sunnis to lay down their arms, if we withdrew our troops within two years. What was wrong with that plan? How many people have been killed and maimed since we rejected that plan?

    The only candidate who has consistantly opposed this criminal invasion of a country that did not attack us, is Dennis Kucinich. The only candidate with a comprehnsive plan to leave Iraq is Dennis Kucinich. To support his 12 point plan go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/HR1234.

  5. Obama won’t call for a withdrawl because it’s not in The Israel Lobby’s interest. The same Lobby that pushed for this war in the first place.

  6. From the start, I have planned to vote for the Honorable Dennis Kucinich when the primary rolls around in Indiana, and only just might change my mind to Gravel if he is on the In. ballot.
    They are the only two deserving Democrats, truly anti-war and progressive Americans.

  7. Exactly, I’ve smelled this one since the beginning. Barrack Obombanation signals absolutely no change at all. Just another foaming-at-the-mouth psycho who won’t dismiss the idea of hurling dozens of atomic bombs on innocent Iranians. There is Ron Paul. And there is everybody else.

    Big kudos to Kucinich and Gravel on the war, but, Marycatherine, there is nothing “progressive” about statism. Sadly, Kucinich and Gravel, while highly admirable on war issues, have statist domestic leanings. And, of course, “progressivism” is but little more than a belief in the perfection of man through means of state violence. It’s facade is quite secular, yet it is adhered to with an unrivaled religious zeal. The belief in aggressive violence as a solution to all things under the sun is an endless reminder of our savage origins. Progressivism is barbarism, powdered, perfumed, and sophisticated, but barbarism nonetheless.

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